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A Blank Canvas ~

picking the perfect palette

green, pink, yellow and cream paint samples from farrow &  ball on a small table with patterned and checked material options

If you’ve ever spent hours looking at several shades of white paint, asking everybody who comes through the door which they prefer, you’ll know the time and thought that goes into choosing the perfect paint colour.

One of the quickest transformations you can make to a space, paint has the ability to make a big impact on your interior. Whether you are looking to your colour choice to make a bold statement or create the perfect backdrop for your scheme, getting the paint colour just right takes time.

Here are a few ideas to consider along the way:

1.       Orientation

The direction your room faces will determine how much natural light it gets and can dramatically alter how a colour looks once painted. Always test colours in situ to avoid unexpected results. The best way is to paint a large sample and tape it up, this way you can move it around and observe how it appears at different times of the day.

2.       Highlights

Often overlooked are the skirting boards, window and door frames. By choosing a complementary or contrasting colour for your wooden trims you can completely change the feel of a space. Darker window frames will help to bring the outside in as our eye is drawn to the light, perfect for framing views.

3.       In the Zone

Using different paint colours can help to define an open plan space and emphasise features. If you’ve got high ceilings, painting them in a darker tone than the rest of the room can help with proportions, making a space feel cosier.

4.       Colour Drenching

This simply means to apply the same colour everywhere, wall, ceilings, woodwork -all over. Not as scary as it sounds and can achieve standout results, particularly in smaller spaces where the edges are softened.

5.       Dopamine Decorating

Dopamine decorating is the personal approach to decorating by using colour, pattern and textures that make you feel happy. We each have our own unique response to colour, some of us are uplifted by bold contrasting colours, whilst others prefer less saturation, keep this in mind as a starting point for your colour scheme.


Studio Jute offer a consulting service that can advise on all aspects of your project, from window treatments to layouts and paint colours get in touch to find out more.


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