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Art Inspired Interior Design

When it comes to deciding on a colour scheme for your latest interior design project where do you find inspiration? How can we be sure of what will work together, maybe you love the bright green but also the deep red? Can you use both in the same room?

In this blog post we are looking at how artwork can provide the perfect inspiration for your interior design.

Often art provokes a gut reaction in us, we feel an emotional connection to some pieces and can take or leave others. Some of us will become collectors of certain styles, whilst others like to mix up whichever forms they are drawn to. Evaluate your favourite art piece, what is it you like about it? is it the colours? the simplicity? or the texture?

For as long as there has been art, artists have been taking inspiration from their surroundings, from Monet, inspired predominantly by nature, to Tracey Emin who uses her own life events as inspiration- external factors play a huge part in motivating creatives to come up with their best work.

Taking inspiration from artwork is a simple way to ensure you are choosing colours that work together. Having already been crafted and thought about in depth by its creator,

who will be experienced in mixing tones, you can be sure that the colour composition is spot on. A piece layered with soft muted tones or an unexpected colour combination can spark ideas for your own home- remember to take note of the proportions used, you may love that beach scene, but a yellow carpet and blue walls isn’t going to create the easy-going vibe you are after! Instead use those as your accent colours against a lighter backdrop to create an fresh costal look.

If you would like some help putting your scheme together, our hourly colour consultation service could be just the support you're looking for. Book a session here


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