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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Studio Jute was founded with the vision to create bespoke environments that connect with clients on a human level, taking a holistic approach, engaging senses, and applying the principles of biophilic interior design to improve wellbeing in our surroundings.

To create in this way we always start with a concept, this becomes the overarching theme, the red thread that guides the design and ensures a unique and personal outcome- something that can’t be replicated. The basis of the concept is research, research, research! Firstly, getting to know the client, understanding their daily rituals, requirements and aspirations all play a huge part in how the design evolves.

Secondly, looking at the history and heritage of the property is a huge inspiration, finding out previous uses of buildings, when they were built and why, provides such a rich source of inspiration. At Studio Jute we like to preserve, restore, and reuse as much as possible. The weaving of stories within our homes by uncovering those details, often created by master craftsmen of the past, makes a space more inviting, interesting and alive.

When naming the business we felt it important to take the same conceptual approach. What does the business stand for? How can it connect to the local landscape, and what are the defining principles?

Being an Isle of Wight based Interior Designer is a huge source of inspiration, as a company that takes a lot of inspiration from nature and the seasons, minimising our impact on the environment is important, sourcing innovative materials, working with environmentally aware suppliers and local artisans.

During the research phase we came across the Jutes, a tribe that settled on the Isle of Wight in the 5th Century AD and made it their home. It was interesting to read about their ways of living and influence on the area.

Looking to the current day something designers are always keen to learn about is innovative and sustainable materials, jute is one of these. Used for centuries, jute has an overall positive impact on the environment. In fact, it is one of the few natural fibres that actually provides environmental benefits instead of being detrimental. Quick growing and renewable, jute is being used as an alternative to cotton and synthetic fibres in the interior and fashion industry. In the building trade jute can be used as a replacement for synthetic fibres in cement or insulation.

Jute felt like a good fit for the business ethos, a name of dual meaning with a story to tell.

Studio Jute, drawing from the past and present, creating timeless spaces where nature and design converge.

To find out how we can positively impact your project, please get in touch.


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