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How to add storage without sacrificing your interior style

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

We can never have enough of the right kind of storage. If you’ve got a cupboard or draw bursting at the seams with clutter, it might be time to give your storage solutions an overhaul.

Here are some clever ways to incorporate simple storage solutions into your daily routine – ensuring a place for everything.

Start at the door

Firstly, you need a place to store those everyday items. This can be as simple as a bowl and a few hooks by the front door to hold keys and small items, to adding some hangers and hooks to your under stair cupboard. Making sure coats are easy to put away- because we all know if it’s too much effort we just won’t do it!

Edit your possessions

You may not need as much storage as you think. Seriously look at what you own and consider whether you could donate or sell it to free up some space. We promise the feeling of lightness after a good clear out is worth the hours of being surrounded by piles of your old things!

Mix it up

By rotating your favourite display items you not only create some shelf space, but by regularly refreshing what’s on show you keep your space interesting and engaging.

Embrace subtle storage

A coffee table with draws, console tables and media units, banquette seating with a lifting lid, draws under divan beds- these are all great integrated storage options. Something to think about when you’re looking to buy furniture.

Make it pretty

We all have stuff we need to access daily, whether that’s beauty products, hats and gloves or the pods for your coffee machine, if you don’t have a space for these things add some baskets, decorative boxes or tins around the house to use. This way your things will be organised and easy to find, and you’re much more likely to keep using the storage if it’s within easy reach.

Use interior design tricks

Sliding doors, curtains and room dividers can all be utilised to turn that small unused space into a storage area, by concealing the clutter you keep the home streamlined.

Add in some vintage

Vintage furniture looks good in almost all interior styles, adding a well loved piece to your home adds character and individuality. The benefit being these pieces are well made and stand the test of time, perfect for some stylish storage.

If you would like some help redesigning your space to maximise storage potential, please get in touch. Our hourly consulting service allows you to book as much or as little time as you need, and is suitable for interior design projects that are not Isle of Wight based.


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