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A Warm Welcome

Updated: Feb 22

The entrance to your home, whether grand or humble, sets the tone for the space to follow. Your hallway offers a hint at what lies beyond but can often be overlooked in favour of other rooms. As the first place we encounter when arriving, and the last place we experience when we leave, adding some thoughtful touches makes all the difference when welcoming people into your home.

Create a warm welcome this festive season and beyond with these simple tips.

Victorian hallway interior design project

1. Having a place to perch if your guests want to remove their shoes can be a helpful addition to a hallway. Likewise, have somewhere to hang coats and bags that keeps the space from feeling cluttered and means belongings are looked after and easy to reach at the end of the evening.

2. Treat your hallway like any other room in your home, add art, rugs, pattern and colour to make what can be an overlooked transitional space a welcoming homely place to linger. Hallways are a great opportunity to be bold with your art choices, hang conversational pieces or something that makes you smile each time you walk past.

3. To create a sense of harmony the colour of your hallway should be complementary to the rooms leading from it. Often on the smaller side hallways benefit from playful colour combinations and a warm overall enveloping scheme.

4. Layered lighting is something we always encourage. Wall lighting will cast a softer glow than overhead pendants- perfect for intimate gatherings. Create ambience and light the way to your entertaining space with a combination of candles, wall lights and picture lights above your artwork.

5. Add some drama with scale and proportion. Even the smallest of spaces can be made to feel extra special with the right accessories. Mirrors are perfect for narrow halls, bouncing light around and adding much needed depth. Add personality with oversized pendants, plants and lamps, or create an impactful gallery wall with smaller mementos and family pictures.

6. At this time of year there are many beautiful natural ways to scent your home, oranges, cloves, cinnamon, and eucalyptus are perfect for adding welcoming aromatic cheer to your home.

Enjoy adding these thoughtful touches to your home for the festive season and beyond. If you'd like to discuss your project please get in touch for a free informal chat.


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