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Bathroom design tips

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Planning a bathroom can be a daunting prospect, there are many aspects that need to be considered and overlooking the details can lead to lost time and extra costs.

In this blog post I wanted to cover some bathroom interior design tips, whether you're updating or completely renovating there are some key things to keep in mind whilst injecting a bit of personality to avoid a generic look.


An effective layout that makes the most of the available space is crucial to a successful design. Don't just stick with the current layout without consideration of other options, this is where working with a designer to produce 3D visuals can be really helpful.

If adapting an existing layout there are smaller changes you can make, such as a wall hung toilet and sink to increase floor space or updating to a walk in shower.


Often overlooked, lighting in a bathroom can instantly change the feel of the space. Add layers of lighting to create pockets of inviting light for relaxing, task lighting and general light. When it comes to choosing bathroom lights check the IP rating which is used to define levels of sealing against moisture and will change for each zone of the bathroom.

Keep a connection to the rest of the property

Try not to view your bathroom as an isolated space, quite often we see sparsely furnished, uninspired functional spaces, but with a little thought you can create your own sanctuary. Maybe you have vertical panelling in the hallway, or softer lines that could inspire the bathroom, looking at the design details used elsewhere in your home can help when making decisions. Use complementary materials, colours and fabrics to keep things cohesive and include artwork, plants, vases and refillable bottles.
Image: The Colour Flooring Company

Soften acoustics

Often bathrooms are full of hard surfaces, porcelain, tiles, glass and metals. To create a sanctuary add in plenty of sound absorbing materials. Simple accessories like towels, curtains, blinds and rugs all help. Consider your options for flooring and wall finishes, products like cork absorb sound waves and look great when used as flooring -The Colourful Flooring Company have a good selection and are super sustainable too.

A wall treatment, such as the Orac fluted panels, shown below on a recently completed design, not only help zone the space and draw you in but act as great acoustic improvers.

Bathroom design
Studio Jute

Use all surfaces

Bathrooms can be tight on space for many of us, introduce as much storage as possible. A vintage chest of draws or small unit looks great as a basin stand and creates practical storage. Wall cabinets and shelves all work hard in bathrooms, adding a mirror at just the right spot will improve light and space perception.

If you are in the planning stages of a bathroom renovation and would like to chat to an Isle of Wight based Interior Designer, please get in touch here.


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