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Biophilic Design

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

You may wonder what actually is biophilic design, and what’s it got to do with interiors?

Biophilia means love of nature. It is most commonly described as humankinds’ innate attraction to nature and natural processes.

It suggests that we have all inherited a biological connection to the natural world, built up over thousands of years - makes sense really, when we consider how important the natural world was for the survival of our ancestors.

But still, how is this relevant to our homes and interior design choices?

It is with much scientific backing that biophilic design has become an important design consideration today. A subtle non themed approach to biophilic design can have a hugely positive impact on the user experience. Studies have shown improved recovery rates in healthcare settings, a greater impact on productivity in the workplace, and at home a sense of balance, wellbeing and belonging.

Much more than just adding a few plants to your interior (although this is strongly encouraged) there are many subtle ways in which to incorporate the positive aspects.

As interior designers we talk a lot about light, balance, flow and symmetry - these are all important considerations when designing a space, but if we add in a biophilic element at this stage the results are far greater.

“Biophilic design is about creating places that satisfy people’s fundamental need for contact with nature.”

A stimulating view, good air flow, acoustic comfort and improved natural and artificial light all subtly connect us to nature.

There are implied elements too which stir a subconscious response, such as natural shapes, forms, geometry, and colours which can all be applied to the interior design through pattern, raw materials, natural textures and artwork.

Biophilic design also looks at how we connect with spaces. Humans tend to be drawn to far reaching views, a fascination with what is just beyond our own surroundings, which explains the preference for skylights, balconies and open plan spaces – But, and this part is not to be overlooked, as much as we like to look at these views, we also need spaces to retreat to, a comfortable and safe space, not completely cut off from our outlook is ideal.

At Studio Jute we are passionate about incorporating the fascinating principles of biophilic design into all of our work. Being based on the beautiful Isle of Wight, where natural inspiration is all around, enhances this way of thinking.

If you would like to discuss how we can add a biophilic element to your interior design project please do get in touch.


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