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Interior Design Q&A

It’s a busy time for us in the studio with some exciting projects underway and plenty of sourcing for consultations. This week we’ve been absorbed by the history of one of our projects, finding out about the previous owners and how the building was used is not only fascinating, but means we can bring a little piece of that heritage into the new designs.

Today we are sharing a Q&A covering some of the questions we’ve been asked recently on projects. We are lucky to have such varied projects, from new builds to period properties, small spaces and recently garden design. Each comes with its own set of challenges that we love to resolve.

Let us know your design questions and we can address them in future posts.


How to add character and interest to a new build space?

The quickest way to do this is with textiles, soften hard lines with floaty curtains, break up a large expanse of new flooring with rugs and bring in organic patterns and interest with throws and cushions.

How to brighten up a small space?

Use paint to blur the edges of a smaller space by colour drenching, visually this removes all the break points and creates a nice backdrop for furniture. Think about the reflective properties of your finishes which will help bounce light around and a well- placed mirror is great for adding depth.


I like modern design but live in a period property, can I mix both?

A subtle mix of old and new is our favourite way to decorate. You certainly don’t need to stick to one era or style, perhaps try a modern chair upholstered in a classic fabric, or an antique sideboard with modern art above. The key is to create a bit of tension between the pieces but keep a common theme like colour, texture or subject.

Should I have a rug under my dining table?

A rug under a dining table looks great but whether it’s practical depends on your set up. They work very well in larger spaces to zone the dining area, or to add texture and pattern to a simple scheme. There are some great washable options available that are perfect for those inevitable spills. If you do add a rug, be sure that it’s large enough that the dining chairs can be fully pulled back and still be on the rug, this will avoid regular catching and nobody likes sitting on a wonky dining chair!

What is the best way to make my guest bedroom inviting?

Guest bedrooms are really fun to design as they are often only used short term, so you can go a bit bolder with your scheme. Firstly, consider the layout, can you easily move around the space, what’s the view from the bed, if this can’t be a window add a piece of art. Maybe add pattern or colour to your ceiling, layer up textiles and think about those little touches that make a hotel stay special, soft towels and pillows, a water jug, fresh flowers and a place to put things away.

woman making bed in interior design project


Can you help with lighting I don’t know where to start.

I our opinion you can never have too many light sources, and there are so many great products on the market now that adding extra lighting doesn’t mean expensive rewiring. We like to add lamps to consoles and sideboards, and a floor lamp next to a sofa or chair. Picture lights always look great and highlight your artwork, undermounted shelf lights and lights in cupboards are all easy to achieve and make all the difference. Using plug in or clip on lights is a great way to add extra task lighting in the kitchen, and we are regularly recommending the Pooky rechargeable lamp that you can move around to wherever you need that extra light -including summer evenings in the garden.


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