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Interior Design Tips ~ Part 4

Interior design presentation board with natural materials and a yellow and green colour palette


1.       Bring the outside in.

Quick easy and effective, planting bulbs into pretty containers or simply bringing in some branches to display will add some much needed vitality to the dark January days.

2.       Balance.

Balanced interiors are made up of different visual weights evenly distributed around a space. Even negative space has visual weight and helps to balance the more populated areas. Often thought of as symmetry, balance can also be achieved through asymmetry and juxtaposition, creating the perfect blend of colour, texture or shape that are pleasing to the eye.


3.       Add a mirror.

Mirrors are a versatile design feature that can enhance even the darkest and smallest areas of your home. Position at the end of a hallway, or opposite doors and windows to reflect natural light into the room and give a greater sense of space and depth.



4.       Zone your space.

Particularly helpful in open plan living, create zones using materials and lighting. It is also a good idea to form small zones within one room, an armchair, side table and lamp in a bedroom, a place to perch with a drink in the kitchen, two chairs to encourage conversation in the living room. Thinking of your room as lots of small areas will benefit the flow and function and help to avoid placing the furniture all around the edge.


5.       Experiment with colour

We each have our own unique response to colour, some of us are uplifted by bold contrasting colours, whilst others prefer less saturation. Be confident to experiment within your chosen colour palette, use paint to accentuate architectural details and change the look and feel of a space, for example, painting high ceilings in a darker shade than the rest of the room can help with proportions, making the room feel cosier.



6.       Make a plan.

There is nothing (in our opinion) more exciting than the beginning stage of a project, full of the opportunities that lie ahead. Whether it's a new or existing project, making a plan is a crucial step in seeing it through. Gather inspiration, curate your ideas, test out samples in situ and let the design unfold.

For personalised advice please do get in touch, an hours consultation could be the key to moving your project forward.


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