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Restoration Project ~ Peeling Back The Layers


Victorian interior design project vintage linen cupboard and white curtains

Being on site as a historic house reveals itself through generations old wallpaper, hidden architectural detailing and long-forgotten hardware is one of the most thrilling parts of a project.


Often during our Interior Design projects, we uncover a time capsule of previous generations lives, stories and tastes. Can we preserve some of these pieces to create a sympathetic restoration- the trick is knowing when to re-use and when to recycle.


At Studio Jute we are always keen to incorporate some of the past into the present, whether that’s reusing materials, for example, an original cupboard that was no longer practical was remade into bench seating for the porch, beautiful wallpaper carefully repaired, vintage curtains repurposed as cushion covers, or the real statement pieces such as original fireplaces, sash windows and original floorboards carefully restored to their former glory.


So much inspiration can be found in what has come before, and the care and attention that had been applied to these homes is something we strive to continue at Studio Jute -there is no space for poorly made furniture or throwaway schemes, we aim for future generations to be restoring our work in years to come.


It’s also lovely to find the hidden treasure and add that to the archive of your home. Newspapers found under lino that are over 100 years old give a snapshot of a life we can only imagine, a beautiful handwritten letter found in one of our Isle of Wight design projects will be preserved for the next custodians of the house to discover, whilst a note detailing Easter weekend activities from 1921, is eerily similar to the current owner’s weekend.


As so many of us embark on renovations and restoration, we must remember that this is a fleeting moment in time, a snapshot of today’s tastes and lifestyles, that if done well the bones of which will still be relevant in years to come- try to leave a little piece of treasure for the future generation to discover.

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