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Spotlight on Scent ~in Conversation with Wight Apothecary.

After months of gloomy days and less time spent outside, we all look forward to throwing the doors open and letting spring envelop our homes.  Aside from a refreshing spring clean, how can we bring a little piece of the mood enhancing impressions of spring into our homes.


At Studio Jute we take a holistic approach to interior design, often thought of as just visual we believe the best designs start with asking yourself how you would like to feel in a space, do you want to evoke a sense of calm- a place to retreat to at the end of a busy day, maybe you would like a revitalising space to work in.

To achieve this, we think about all of the senses- not just the visual. In interior design we often start with a mood board, not just a pretty picture board, but an important tool in communicating the feeling we want to achieve. What will the space feel like to touch, what will the soundscape be, how will the light move around, can we improve the air quality, even what would we like it to smell like and why!

Today we are focusing on the powers of scent. Scent can significantly impact the atmosphere and overall feel of a space; therefore, is a useful tool in creating your desired ambience.


We sat down to chat with Tracey, the founder of sustainable, natural wellbeing brand Wight Apothecary, to discover the inspiration behind their unique blends and how to embrace fragrance within our homes.


What does fragrance mean to you?

Fragrance means so much to me, it’s everything. To put it into words is difficult as it starts with a feeling, a perception, that I visualise before I smell. Creating my blends is an incredibly intuitive process, I imagine a fragrance into being before I begin, and the emotion follows. 

We love your unique fragrance blends, what is your process for selecting oils to blend?

I start with a base note that I know will conjure the desired mood and then begin to blend, adding top, middle and bottom notes carefully drop by drop. As there is no consistency of oils I rely heavily on my instincts and attuned nose to maintain our product quality, I weigh each oil too so I can counterbalance any variations.

I know when I’ve got the right blend because it hits me in the heart. It a power that I recognise, after many years of working with beautiful essential oils I still get this euphoric feeling when I create the perfect balance.

How do you go about selecting different scents for different moods?

Each essential oil has a property that affects health and wellbeing, for example, lavender we use to induce sleep, ylang ylang opens the heart and mind. I always begin Wight Apothecary workshops by explaining the properties of each oil as everything stems from the mood you want to create- once you have an understanding of this you can enjoy selecting the most suitable scent for your mood.


Can you talk us through some of the wellbeing properties of your blends?

Each oil is named after the influence of the blend.  Clarity is an uplifting scent to help clear and centre the mind and support decision making. Nurture is cocooning, it has a strong aromatic embrace that is both deeply comforting, calming and fortifying for the soul. Flourish helps to open your heart and Solstice is a cocooning blend of orange cinnamon, ginger, developed as a celebration of bringing in the green- the traditional process of using what was available at that time of year.

The magic is in the blends, even if you’re not aware the positive effects are happening all around you, effortlessly you will feel better. Nurture has 7 essential oils, the more you blend the more unique the fragrance is, our scents are a whole holistic package for yourself and your home, honouring a need for wellbeing.


How can fragrance complement the overall design aesthetic, do you think there is an alignment to be found between scent and sight.

There is absolutely an alignment as we use all of our senses to feel something. A beautifully designed room with flourish burning will bring a far greater sense of wellbeing and enjoyment than one without the other. Also, fragrance is the key to your memory so by selecting a scent that has positive connotations you’ll have a far richer experience.


To us the act of simply lighting a candle feels like an act of mindfulness, can you suggest the best way to maximise the benefits of your home fragrance?

Always burn candle under the nose and take a moment to fully breathe, simple deep breaths to rest for 5 minutes and take time to completely embrace this moment in your day. When starting Wight Apothecary, it was important that all of our blends have an aromatherapy effect, to maximise this keep the scent nearby.


Would you suggest we have different fragrances in different rooms, layer several scents in the same room, or stick to one scent throughout our homes?

I would suggest different scents in each room or zone, for example what would be ideal in the kitchen will be different for the bedroom. Clarity is perfect for bedrooms, I like Flourish in my living room and Nourish in the hall a warming of the heart is a lovely welcome home.


What is your top tip for a relaxing blend?

Lavender is always soothing and personally I love lemon or citrus for a brighter outlook which helps me feel centred and relaxed.

What is your top tip for an energising blend?

For me it’s ylang ylang, sweet floral exotic and heavy, excellent for promoting feelings of joy and ease.


Can you share a final piece of advice?

I would say it’s really important that people experiment with plant based essential oils rather than fragrance, which is man made, the natural oil will be a pleasant surprise compared to the fragrance which most are familiar with. To hone your own preference a Wight Apothecary workshop covers 30 essential oils and their benefits to help find your own personal blend.


We hope you enjoyed this conversation, for more scent inspiration and details of Wight Apothecary workshops follow Tracey here.


And if you found this article interesting or have any suggestions for future interviewees, please do get in touch.


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