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Spring Refesh

A spring clean always feels like a step in the right direction- shedding the winter layers to refresh your space with a feeling of lightness.

It’s often at this time of year many of us undertake interior updates, whether you’re looking for an inspired new paint colour, the right textiles to finish off a bedroom, or maybe you’re about to embark on a complete bathroom or kitchen renovation- spring is a great time for change.

If you’re feeling motivated to update your surroundings we’ve put together an uplifting scheme to inspire a seasonal revamp, focusing on those key building blocks that form the foundation of a comfortable home.


The quickest and most striking transformations can be achieved with paint. Get creative with your surface- try highlighting details in complementary or contrasting hues to add an unexpected twist to your room, and don’t forget the ceiling, it doesn’t always need to be white!


For these large surface areas focus on adding texture. Stone, wood or the realistic looking luxury vinyl all work well, add soft wool rugs or hardwearing flatweaves to high traffic area to add another layer of depth.


Tile, paint, cladding, wallpaper and even fabric wall coverings are all great options for adding a point of difference to your space, create something unique that complements your existing design choices. Using an unexpected material here can add the wow factor you’ve been looking for, think wallpapered ceilings and timber clad internal walls.



Lighter fabrics for the lighter months, changing up your soft furnishings for fresher seasonal pieces can make a huge difference to how a space feels, pack away the wool and velvets for soft linen and organic cottons- add natural motifs and colours for an added biophilic boost.


 Finishing touches are not to be overlooked, having pieces around you that bring joy each time you use them add a lovely personal touch to your room. Choose nature inspired accessories, all harmoniously curated to make you feel as though you’re experiencing the outdoors in your own home.

Perhaps you’re feeling inspired but are not sure where to begin, our NEW 1:1 Design Consultations are available to book at a time that suits you to discuss your most pressing design questions. An informal consultation could be just the support you need to get your project off on the right track.



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