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Styling your space ~ a quick guide

Styling isn’t about spending lots of money on new items or lots of time; take a look around, you can create authentic, meaningful displays, using what you already have at home.

Here are a few tips to get started:

1.       Focal point.

What is it you want to highlight in a space? Where do you want to draw the eye, let this guide you. If you’re not sure what your focal point is, take a few quick pictures on your phone and notice where your eye is drawn, can you enhance this area, or do you need to add balance?


2.       Balance

For a well-balanced interior you need to have negative space- even maximalists! The aim is to create harmony between the objects you are grouping, sometimes this can mean paring things back a little and allowing the focal point to shine.


3.       Proportion

It’s easy to overlook the proportions when styling, choosing our favourite things to display, but forgetting they must be in proportion with each other and the room. Too many small items can feel cluttered, add a larger item to ground the display.


4.       Movement       


We want our spaces to feel alive, to do so add movement. Softly crumpled linen suggests a place is lived in; plants are great for casting subtle shadows, and mixing up finishes keeps things interesting.


5.       Contrast

If you’ve styled your space but you still feel something is lacking, add an unexpected item. The juxtaposition between old and new, contemporary and rustic, dark and light can be the answer to a beautifully styled space.

For more information on our Isle of Wight styling services please do get in touch.


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