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Winter Decorating ~Christmas Decor and Styling Ideas

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Home made wreath with foliage and dried oranges

If like me you’ve not quite had time to fully ‘Deck the Halls’ I’ve put together some christmas decor and styling ideas to help sustainably add some festive cheer to your home this season.

Utilise what you have

To avoid buying new decorations each year start to build a collection of special pieces. These carefully selected ornaments that you bring out each year, maybe picked up on days out or trips away, hold memories and spark tradition for years to come.

Eat drink and be merry

Food makes such an impactful decoration that engages all the senses. Bowls of pomegranates, strings of dried oranges or just a simple bowl of nuts all add interest. Cookies, gingerbread houses or your own fruit jam, fill the house with edible festive treats!

Create a mood

Decorating isn’t always about the physical objects, just changing the feeling of a space can add to the festive mood. Candles and fairy lights add an alluring sparkle, while a sofa layered up with all the cushions throws and blankets is an invitation to relax... Now just to agree on which Christmas film to watch!

Look outside

Bring the outdoors in - literally this season. Forage for some greenery in your garden, holly, ivy, even dried hydrangea heads all look great, especially when made into a wild looking wreath. Even a simple fallen branch can look amazing when decorated or lit. For a long lasting display add some potted plants too, cyclamen, poinsettia add a few hyacinth bulbs which will smell beautiful as they flower into the new year.

Make your own

One of my favourite decorations is a wooden trinket box made by my son, it comes out each year and I know we will have it forever. Get all the family involved with some clay baked ornaments for the tree, or sew some felt decorations- the more wonky the better, it's handmade after all! Lots of paper stars and pom poms are great for adding impact and can be kept for birthdays and parties too.

Ultimately, have fun! Take some time to slow down and enjoy decorating your home for the festive season and beyond.

Merry Christmas!


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