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Interior Design Tips ~ Part 1

Pooky lamp on a farrow & ball painted storage unit holding linens. Painting above

January. A welcome gear change here in the studio but a month that can feel long and gloomy. With that in mind we will be sharing a daily design tip to give a positive focus on help enhance your environment when much more time is being spent indoors.

There will be some quick wins alongside more involved interior design principles, inspiration to kick start projects and plenty of food for thought on how to approach your home design.

To start off it’s everyone’s favourite January task….de cluttering.

1.       Declutter.

With the best intentions we often just don’t find the time to organise our spaces, things accumulate and then the task becomes overwhelming.  Our tip is to start small, one draw or shelf, the coat rack, something that is quick and visually pleasing will spur you on to tackle the rest.


2.       Curate your displays.

Got an area that’s looking a little unloved, spend some time making it look more appealing. Pick a focal point and then vary your materials ( wood/ceramic/glass/paper) visual weights (transparent/solid) object shapes and heights for the most charming display.


3.       Create symmetry.

A quick way to create a sense of order in your home is by creating your own symmetry-particularly useful in a room that lacks architectural symmetry.  Try centralising your rug, sofa and coffee table, a pair of lamps on a mantle or shelf, display artwork in a grid. All easy to do and pleasing to the eye.

4.       Maximise your views.

Does the position of your sofa, desk or bed encourage you to take a moment to pause and enjoy the view. If moving these larger items isn’t feasible try adding a small chair beside a window, it will soon be your favourite spot for a coffee.


5.       Repetition.

A great tool for cohesive interiors. Take inspiration from a view, texture or personal item and use it as a reference point throughout your design. For our Hilltop Retreat project the repetition was focused on lines. Inside and out you will see a sense of linear definition that adds considered structure.


6.       Shop your home.

Often when things stay in the same position we stop noticing them, by having a move around of your favourite things you’ll quickly freshen up your space. Change up your artwork, swap around the rugs, rearrange your displays. Simple but effective.

For personalised advice please do get in touch, an hours consultation could be the key to moving your project forward.


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