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Interior Design Tips ~ Part 2

Interior design project Hilltop retreat bedroom with nature wall cladding and soft colours

1.       Think organic.

Organic materials have a grounding effect and give us an all-important connection to nature when outside time is limited. Try adding a wooden tray, some plants and foliage and natural motifs and textiles.

2. Look at your sightlines.

Often we are able to see more than one room at a time. Even without open plan living we carry the impression of one room into the next, ask yourself how do these spaces visually connect, could the view be improved to create a harmonious effect. Think about the finishes, colours and themes that carry through.


3.       Focus on lighting.

Lighting plays a fundamental role in any well considered interior, get it right and it will set the tone for your space. Think of lighting as a whole by using a combination of light sources, known as layering light, this allows emphasis to be placed on different areas for different purposes. With so many battery and portable products this is easier and less disruptive than ever to achieve.


4.       Rethink your existing furniture.

If there is a piece of furniture that’s not working in your space why not try and update it before you replace. Most surfaces can be painted using the right primer or for smaller updates change handles, recover cushions, line the inside of a cupboard or add fabric details.


5.       Engage your senses.

Interior Design can often be thought of as just visual, but the most successful designs start with asking yourself what you would like the space to feel like. Create a mood with your favourite scents, tactile cosy wool throws and pretty botanicals.


6.       Take a break.

January can be a quiet month for tourism, a night away in a beautiful setting can do wonders for the spirit and inspire you to look at your own space with fresh eyes on your return.

For personalised advice please do get in touch, an hours consultation could be the key to moving your project forward.


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