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Interior Design Tips ~ Part 3

Bedroom with layers of pink and mustard textiles interior design Victorian renovation project

1.       Layer up.

The colder months offer a great opportunity to add more textiles. Have a look around your home and see if you can add a spare throw, another cushion or rug to your room. We love layered rugs, sheepskins on chairs and thin mattress cushions on sofas- the smallest changes will refresh your space.



2.       Shop second hand & vintage.

THE quickest way to unique and characterful interiors is to add something old. In every one of our interior design projects you will find antique and vintage, from rugs and furniture, to lighting and accessories, we love the stories these pieces add, and the thrill of seeking them out!



3.       Grounding.

We often talk about grounding in design, a way to visually give something a sense of place, to add a solid element to the focal point of the scheme. Adding a rug underneath a dining table and an oversized pendant above helps to ground the furniture, soften the many lines and give it all a sense of place by creating a unified whole.


4.       Take your time.

Good design should feel as though it has evolved over time, hi -low, old - new, light -dark, it’s in this mix that the best interiors are crafted. Not only is this much more interesting than sticking to one particular style, it also allows your home to evolve with your taste as nothing ever looks out of place.

5.       Focal point.

Each room has a focal point, a fireplace, a view, a piece of art. If yours doesn’t have an obvious one create your own with built in furniture or a console with art above, the key here is scale- make it look intentional.


6.       Dimension.

Working in dimensions can be helpful when arranging furniture and creating displays. A front, middle and back layer will help you to organise your pieces, overlap where necessary using complementary colours and textures.

For personalised advice please do get in touch, an hours consultation could be the key to moving your project forward.


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